Building on the successes over the last 20 years, Dundee Rock has expanded into new sectors to initiate and develop more Aboriginal businesses to join the supply chain. Partners that have been instrumental on this journey include:

  • Jawoyn Association
  • DDR Australia
  • Beata Terra Consortium
  • Duratec Australia

DDR Australia
Thomas Hutcheson and Phil Harcourt worked together to build and align their vision for the new enterprise and DDR was formed in 2017. With their national footprint and diverse service capabilities was the perfect partner – a synergy of culture, quality, and business acumen complementing Dundee Rock’s company vision and core values.

Duratec Australia
Duratec is committed to its partnership with Dundee Rock joining to create DDR Indigenous contractors to deliver the solutions to build capacity and address the inequality experienced by Indigenous Australians, particularly in remote and regional areas.

Using Duratec’s commercial knowledge, deep connections and networks with the business sector, we have worked on building new partnership arrangements with Indigenous organisations to enhance the work that Duratec provides on the ground in urban, regional and remote Australia.

If your business or organisation matches the values and intent of Dundee Rock, we invite you to make contact.