Dundee Rock Pty Ltd proudly hold Unrestricted Occupational Practitioners Licensing across all ranges and capabilities nationally. 

These standards underpin our expertise within the industry to take on any works or challenge with the assurance of satisfying all compliance and legislative fundamentals.

VBA, Commercial Builder – Unlimited CCB-U 100014
VBA, Demolisher – Unlimited CBU-100001


Dundee Rock is 100% Aboriginal-owned, managed and controlled, we are proudly certified by Supply Nation, the largest national directory of verified Aboriginal businesses in Australia. We are also accredited by Kinaway Chamber of Commerce in Victoria, The Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network and Contractor Accreditation Limited. These accreditations demonstrate our capability and credibility as a trusted partner for your projects.

Supply Nation Certified

Since 2009, Supply Nation has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses along with procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape today’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector.

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Certified

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce is the leading Victorian organisation dedicated to supporting Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners. Our focus is on changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s lives through a strength-based model of business ownership and participation in the Victorian economy.

NTIBN Certified

A Certified Member is an Aboriginal Business Enterprise (ABE) that is 51% or more Indigenous owned and controlled business. The ABE must demonstrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people are involved in the daily operation of the Enterprise and have effective control at least equal to the degree of ownership and is registered with a Certifying Authority.

CAL Certified

Contractor Accreditation Limited (CAL) was established in 1995 to introduce a form of self-regulation to the Northern Territory’s building and construction industries and to provide the Northern Territory Government with an independent system for pre-qualifying contractors and sub-contractors.